NEWS RELEASE: Chittenango Lions Club CONTACT: Warren "Pat" Jerome 687-9585
DATE OF RELEASE: November 5, 2007 TOPIC: "Lions Build Ramp"




      The Chittenango Lions Club donates thousands of dollars as well as their time each year to worthy causes. Usually they do not see the actual results of their efforts. But on a recent Saturday four Lions combined for about 24 labor hours to build a ramp that would help a disabled Chittenango woman suddenly gain greater independence around her home.
      Last Spring Heather Taylor, her husband David, along with daughter Erin and newborn son Finn, moved from Ohio to Chittenango. Following the birth of son in Ohio, Heather had become paralyzed. She hopes to eventually regain her mobility. But for now and unforeseen future, she will be confined to a wheelchair.
      A neighbor and Lion, Mike Lynch, recognized a need the family had to help Heather get in and out of the house more easily and safely if a ramp was available. He brought the problem before the Chittenango Lions Club and they agreed to build the ramp as soon as possible. A construction crew consisting of: Mike Lynch, Nick Staffiero, Dick Montross, another neighbor and Lion Steve Kinne agreed to help. Lion Nick designed the project and the Taylors offered to buy the material. However, also a neighbor Glenn Christopher, an employee of 84 Lumber, arranged for his company to donate the lumber.
      Lion Mike Lynch summed up the project at the end as follows: "We saw the need, we agreed on the solution, we developed a plan and we were able to carry it out. This way the family's needs were met and the Chittenango Lions are happy they were able to help."

The Beginning: L-R Lions Steve Kinne, Mike Lynch, Nick Staffierro and Dick Montross begin the project by building the platforms from which the actual ramp will be connected.

Let's Wee How It Works: Six hours later Heather Taylor rolls her wheelchair up the new ramp as Lions Mike Lynch and Dick Montross watch with pride.

All Finished: L-R Celebrating the "finish" are 1st grader Erin and her mother Heather Taylor, Lions Mike Lynch, Dick Montross, Nick Staffiero and David Taylor with 8 month old son Finn. Not pictured is Lion Steve Kinne.