NEWS RELEASE: Chittenango Lions Club CONTACT: Warren "Pat" Jerome 687-9585
DATE OF RELEASE: November 21, 2007 TOPIC: "Fall Raffle"




One Raffle Leads to Another - Pictured above are Chittenango residents Harvey and Donna Schuman accepting congratulations and the first prize from Chittenango Lion Club President Jim English. The miniature Christmas Tree is covered with $175.00 worth of "scratch off" NYS Lottery Tickets. The Lions purchased the lottery tickets and hopefully the Schumans will end up with several winners when they finish taking the "decorations" off the tree. Donna purchased the winner from Lion Dick Steinbach while he was selling raffle tickets at the Chittenango P&C.

Also, second place winner Mildred Owens and third place winner Cathy Sorenson received cash prizes of $75.00 and $50.00 respectively. Fall Raffle chairperson Lion Glenn Stevens reported the club members sold over 1250 tickets netting the club more than $1500.00. The club is also planning its annual Spring Raffle beginning in February.