NEWS RELEASE: Chittenango Lions Club CONTACT: Warren "Pat" Jerome 687-9585
DATE OF RELEASE: November 27, 2007 TOPIC: "Peace Around the World"




    This fall the Chittenango Lions Club and the Chittenango Middle School teamed up again in helping eighth grade students take part in the annual peace poster contest.  Sponsored by Lions International worldwide, it provides pupils an opportunity to express their thoughts through art as to how to bring about world peace.  Under the direction of art teachers Katherine Conden and Karen Tashkovski, eighth graders were given the opportunity to enter the contest in the 13-15 age group.  This year's theme was "Peace Around the World".

    The local contest for 2007-2008 was won by Gwen Anderson.  She received a $100.00 check from the Chittenango Lions Club.  Her poster was forwarded to the District, where it also won.  It is now being judged at the state level.

    The runner up in the local contest was Allysa Mroczek, while Cassidy Chappini placed third.  The Chittenango Lions Club awarded them checks in the amounts of $50.00 and $25.00 respectively.  The following students were also recognized with "honerable Mention Certificates": Bethany Stewart, Jennifer Sternberg, and Brittany Agans.

Peace Poster Awards - At a brief ceremony on November 26th the above gathered at the Chittenango Middle School to recognize the local 2007-2008 winners.
1st Row L-R: Gwen Anderson (1st place), Allysa Mroczek (2nd place), and Cassidy Chappini (3rd place)
2nd Row L-R: Ms. Conden (art teacher), Honorable Mention Certificates: Bethany Stewart, Jennifer Sternberg, Ms. Karen Tashkovski (art teacher), and Stephen Waite (Lions Poster Chairman).  Not present for the photo, also receiving Honorable Mention is Brittany Agans.