Chittenango Lions Walleye Derby on Oneida Lake

May 5-6, 2018






In April, during the walleye spawning run, the Lions visit the NY State Walleye Fish hatchery in Constantia NY, and work with Bill Evans and his DEC hatchery staff to tag and release three large walleye in undisclosed locations on Oneida Lake.  These tagged fish will be worth $5000, $2500, or $1250 if caught by a derby entrant and turned in to one of the many derby measuring stations during the derby event (thus no later than 3-pm Sunday afternoon).  A list of this year’s three tag numbers will be available to measuring station personnel, and will be posted here online after the derby begins.  Good Luck to all derby entrants!


2018 Tag numbers for

$5,000.00: 0047262

$2,500.00: 0047261

$1,250.00: 0047260


Tagging and Release videos

·        Educational video showing how fish tagging is done

·        Video of the 2018 tagging and release of this year’s walleyes