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CRADLE - Free Smartphone App for Leukocoria Detection


CRADLE (ComputeR Assisted Detector LEukocoria) smartphone app searches for traces of abnormal light reflections from the retina of the eye, called leukocoria or “white eye”. It is a primary symptom of retinoblastoma (an uncommon, but very serious issue in young children), as well as other less serious eye disorders.  Leukocoria or “white eye disease” is simply a term for the outward appearance of any eye condition which causes the eye to abnormally reflect white light.  It can sometimes be seen in the photos we take.  In very young children, who we tend to take lots of pictures of, the appearance of leukocoria in photographs we take can be an indication that there may be a serious eye problem in the developing retina. This should be a parent’s warning that their child needs to be seen by a medical professional.  Be aware there are other reasons that a white eye reflection might show up in photographs when no problem exists at all, but if it does occur in photos (especially repeatedly) it needs to be investigated with a medical professional to be safe.


The CRADLE App is available as a free smartphone app, developed by researchers at Baylor University, for high level screenings, and scans all of your phone photographs using an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect photos with faces and looks at those images scanning the eyes for any evidence of leukocoria.  Research has suggested ( that this app enables parents to potentially detect leukocoric issues in photos of their children as much as 1.3-yr, on average, earlier than problems are being detected in normal wellness examinations. As a user of this app, once set up, the app will automatically scan your smartphone photos and alerts you should it detect a photo showing eyes that might display a potential leukocoric issue. The CRADLE app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones.


The CRADLE app is completely free to install and use by searching for “white eye detector” on the Google App Store for any Android phone, or on the Apple App Store for any Apple iPhone. Every parent/grandparent should have and use this app in addition to making sure your child is being seen at regularly scheduled eye screenings (like the ones the Lions provide) and are being seen routinely by their pediatrician or medical professional. If you try the CRADLE app and find it useful, please help spread the word of this technology so that other parents might benefit from this supplemental tool to help save the vision of children around the globe.